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tzaBitza is an interactive drawing game for kids, with animated characters
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ItzaBitza is an interactive drawing game for kids.
Children will be able to play in several scenarios, interacting with characters that will help them to draw objects like houses, sun, trees, etc.. The characters, named "Sketchies" will guide them talking to them with childish voices. It is possible to choose your guide between a boy and a girl. The game will show to the children the shapes to draw, and they can do that through their mouse. Once they finish the expected draw, they can press the green sign on the lower bottom of the screen, and they will go to the next stage. The game will play a merry tune all the time, and will wait for the children to draw the shapes for as many time as needed. By playing with this game, children will acquire valuable notions about color, sizes, etc.

This game does not run under Windows Seven, but it does under Windows XP. It crashes frequently, they even have a screen with a sad frog apologizing about crashes in the game. The demo version has only one available scenario, "Home, Sweet Home".

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is fun and entertaining


  • It does not run under Windows 7
  • It hangs frequently
  • In some video resolutions, the mouse will not be able to reach the lower zone of the screen
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